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Each month, more than 2 billion (billion with a B) log onto YouTube and watch billions of hours of video content.


The second largest search engine on the planet (only slightly behind parent company Google), more than 73% of all adults in the United States use YouTube – and 81% of the 15 to 25-year-old demographic (so important for business owners) watch YouTube on a daily basis.


Combine that with the fact that each visitor (on average) watches nearly 12 minutes of video content, that 70% of what they watch is dictated by the YouTube algorithm, and that 70% of all YouTube views are coming through mobile devices and it’s easy to see why smart and strategic marketers are so laser targeted on mastering YouTube ASAP.


At the same time, hitting the ground running with a brand-new YouTube channel is anything but effortless.


There are a lot of other people, companies, organizations, and smart marketers fighting over the same prospects and potential viewers – and there’s only so much time that your prospect can spend watching videos on the platform.


You need to be able to hit the ground running with content that is laser focused and highly relevant, but you also need to make sure that your channel has every chance of success right out of the gate. This is especially true when it comes to tapping into the YouTube promotion algorithm.


That’s where comes into play.


Giving you a chance to buy YouTube views in bulk (at almost unbelievably low prices), you’ll be able to unlock a flood of targeted traffic, unleash an avalanche of affiliate sales, and skyrocket your online celebrity and credibility almost overnight with our help.


There may not be a better (or faster) way to dominate YouTube than this.


Unlock a Flood of Targeted Traffic


As we mentioned earlier, more than 2 billion people are logging into YouTube every single month – with hundreds of millions more watching YouTube content without logging in.


That’s a flood of traffic that you absolutely must be capitalizing on.


80% of all internet traffic is video base and YouTube is the undisputed king of the ring when it comes to video content. By creating relevant, targeted, and engaging content on your YouTube channel you are going to be able to hit the ground running – pushing a flood of targeted traffic from YouTube to your “money sites” in a way that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.


Of course, to generate that flood of targeted traffic right away you’ll need to leverage the help of all that services have to offer.


By choosing to buy YouTube promotional services and tapping into the SMM Panel you’re able to get that targeted traffic to your sites much faster than you would have been able to otherwise.


Unleash an Avalanche of Affiliate Sales


Another huge benefit of choosing to buy YouTube views from a service like ours here at is that you’re able to get an avalanche of affiliate sales far easier than you would have been able to with organic or paid search alone.


As we highlighted just a moment ago, the bulk of internet traffic today is made up of video content. People are a lot more interested in watching short videos than reading long marketing pieces, something that the most successful online marketers today understand better than anyone else.


By positioning your content on YouTube smartly, you’re able to create videos that help your prospects and your potential customers but are also “invisible” marketing machines as well.


This allows you to take a different approach at building your affiliate business. Rather than beating people over the head with marketing pieces that they aren’t going to be receptive to – pieces that they are naturally going to want to reject out of hand – you are going to be able to stealthily advertise and market your offers through valuable content.


This can be a game changer.


Of course, you’ll need to get as many eyeballs on your video content as possible to have the kinds of conversion rates you are after. And that means purchasing YouTube views in bulk to “seed” your content so that you have the best shot of success right away.


Skyrocket Your Online Celebrity and Credibility


Becoming an online celebrity – even just in your market or niche – is anything but effortless these days, especially with all the competition out there.


Not only are you going to be competing with every other business, entrepreneur, marketer, and organization in your industry, but you’re going to be competing with all of the other “stuff” online that people can spend their time doing.


Purchasing YouTube views helps you to build real social proof with your account and that’s a big piece of the puzzle to success these days.


Folks are going to want to watch video content that isn’t already hot and exciting, and the only real way to judge whether or not video content is already successful is if it has a lot of views right away. Well, if your channel is new and you just don’t have the following yet your great content might go ignored completely just because people aren’t sure if it’s worth the time commitment.


When you buy YouTube views from (and use the Panel) you give your channel immediate social proof. You’ll be able to build your online celebrity and increase your online credibility almost immediately and that’s only going to help your YouTube channel grow organically from there.


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At the end of the day, if you’re serious about shortcutting your success on YouTube – building your business with the help of the world’s most popular video platform today – you’ll want to take advantage of all that we can offer you here at SMM.


For more information about the different packages we can provide or hit the ground running with a new, custom bulk order please don’t hesitate to reach out to us ASAP.


We are ready to help you succeed on YouTube!